Professional service
Professional service / Taichung Tank Yard services
Allocation of human resources
Relevant certificates and work experience for personnel receiving training
Toxic Chemicals certificate
Level A & B technicians for toxic substance management
Special Equipment certificate
Technicians for high pressure gas and specific equipment operation、Technicians for high pressure gas container operation、Level B technicians for boiler operation、Technicians for fork lift operation、Level A technician for power electronics
Labor safety-health certificate
Level C manager for labor safety and health、Technicians for labor safety and health management、Organic solvent operation supervisor、Technician for process safety evaluation、Hazardous materials security supervisors、Director of anoxia operations、Director of specific chemical operation
Other relevant certificate
Security personnel for port facility、Free trade zone responsible personnel、Autonomous management responsible personnel、First aid personnel、Fork-lift technicians
Relevant experience
Total of 10 personnel with more than 10 years of experience