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Company Introduction
Company Introduction

Name: Young Sun Chemtrade Co., Ltd.
Established: April 1988
Capital: NTD222,078,160 (2016)
Chairman: Mr. Han-Cheng Wu-Lu (吳盧漢檉)
Vice Chairman: Mr. Chih-Po Wu (吳奇柏)
General Manager: Mr. Chih Wei Wu (吳致維)

At Young Sun Chemtrade, we uphold the principle of “Sustainable operation with integrity based on sincere service”. We operate an agency providing chemical products from Taiwan and introduce products to Taiwan made by globally renowned chemical companies from Germany and Japan. Together with our partners in each manufacturing industry, we grow stronger and better every day.

Chemical Department

This Department acts as an agent or distributor for products made by renowned chemical companies from Taiwan, Europe, US and Japan. In order to serve customers in each region, large-scale warehouses were established in Guanyin District, Taoyuan City and Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City. A large oil tank was also established at Taichung Harbor for provision of integrated chemical distribution and logistics services.

Storage Department

The large oil tank established west of Taichung Harbor provides chemical storage and logistics services in buckets and loose truck loads. In 2012, the Taichung Tank Yard added the CDI-T system through which management accesses international standards to provide finer and safer quality.

Residence Department

In order to serve more customers, the Construction Material Division was established to enhance the quality of household living with its new generation of residential equipment designed to promote health, energy conservation, comfort and safety. The products introduced include bathroom warmer fans and residential heat-exchange ventilation systems from KNS, as well as enamel kitchen sets, digital gas stoves and ultra-low Nox water heaters from Takara.