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Formula C4H10O2
CAS NO. 2163-42-0
Purity(wt%) 98.0 Min.
Water(wt%) 0.08 Max.
APHA(APHA) 20 Max.
co(wt.ppm) 500 Max.
Fe(wt.ppm) 0.5 Max.


Introduction of MPO products
MPO is a colorless liquid with low viscosity and toxicity, but containing a unique glycol structure of methyl chains.
Its main applications include:
Raw material for manufacturing unsaturated polyester resin, saturated polyester resin, alkide resin, PU, polyester plasticizer, diacrylate2-methyl propylene glycol, alkoxide2-methyl propylene, diacrylate alkoxide2-methyl propylene glycol, polyester, polyester polyol, modified PET fiber and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottle, as well as personal care products.