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Formula C4H10O
Density 0.8(Water = 1)
CAS NO. 78-83-1
Ignition temperature 415℃
Vapor pressure 8.8 mmHg @20℃
Octanol-water partition coefficient 
(log Kow )
Melting point -108℃
Boiling point 108 ℃
Flash point 28℃
Explosion limit 1.7 ~10.6 %
Vapor Density 2.6(Air = 1)
Solubility 9.8g/100ml
Isobutyl alcohol
Applications of IBA

  • Organic synthesis; inert solvent for paint and true paint; medium for amine-coated resin; NBA alternative and paint remover.

  • Fluorescence analysis, liquid chromatography, concentrated aroma in fruit flavors.

  • Can be used as a solvent for resin, rubber, ink and paint.

  • Can be used for production of Isobutyl Acetate.

  • Used for industrial synthesis of acetate, e.g. the use of DIBP (Diisobutyl phthalate) as a plasticizer for rubber and plastics.