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Formula C2H4(OH)2
Density 1.1132 g/cm³
CAS NO. 107-21-1
Ignition temperature 410 °C
Vapor pressure 6.21kPa/20℃
Octanol-water partition coefficient 
(log Kow )
Melting point −12.9 °C
Boiling point 197.3 °C
Flash point 111 °C (closed cup)
Explosion limit  
Vapor Density  
Solubility Soluble in water with any ratio


Ethylene Glycol
Applications of EG

  • Polyester manufacturing such as ethylene terephthalate, resin and PET.

  • In addition to its use as vehicle anti-freezer, the product is also used for industrial cold delivery, which is normally referred as refrigerants.

  • Polyester, polyester resin, desiccating agent, plasticizing agent, surface active agent, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and dynamite. The product can also be used as a solvent for dye/ink, anti-freezer for engine, gas dehydrators and resin manufacturing, as well as a moisturizer for cellophane, fiber, leather and bonding agent.