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Formula C15H10N2O2


Melting point/freezing point 


specific gravity


Ignition temperature

 > 600 °C

Vapor pressure

 1*10-4hpa25 °C)





 White solid or crystallization

Vapor Density

Features of Pure MDI
Under certain conditions of storage time and operation temperature, COSMONATE PH will rapidly generate insoluble components of cyclohexane, thus attention is needed and the product must be used up as soon as possible. The reaction of generating insoluble components of cyclohexane under temperature (30∼38℃) slightly lower than freezing point of PH is intense and fast. Generation is slowest at low temperatures (below 0℃) or temperatures slightly higher than the freezing point (40∼45℃). As the temperature rises above 50℃, generation speed abruptly increases once more .

Applications of Pure MDI
* The product can be used in polyurethane coating, water-proof material and sealing material
* Polyurethane foam plastic products can be used for thermal building material, vehicle and boat materials.
* Refined products can be used as vehicle bumpers, TPU, synthetic leather, non-plastic polyurethane and polyurethane spandex.