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Density 0.95 @ 25 °C
CAS NO. 34590-94-8
Ignition temperature  
Vapor pressure 0.17 mm Hg @ 20 °C
Octanol-water partition coefficient 
(log Kow )
Melting point -80 °C
Boiling point 180 °C
Flash point 75 °C
Explosion limit  
Vapor Density 5.1 @ 16 - 32 °C
Solubility completely dissolve


Dipropylene glycol methyl ether
Applications of DPM

  • Active solvent for aqueous coatings.

  • Household and industrial detergents, degreasers, paint removers, and metal detergents.

  • Basic solvent and coupling agent for solvent mesh printing ink.

  • Solvent and coupling agent for restoring dyed fabric

  • Coupling agent and skin care agent in cosmetic formulas

  • Stabilizer for industrial pesticides.

  • Aroma fixative.

  • Coagulant for floor polishes.

  • Applied as thinner (DPM or CA) for soft PBC such as polyester and PI, as well as high-temperature conductive carbon ink for film switch.

  • Applied as thinner with liquid negative photoresist to passive devices.

  • Detergent for semiconductor of LED and LCD.

  • Solvent for nitro-cellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl acetate (PVA), dyes and coatings.

  • Component of hydraulic oil and brake fluid.