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Formula C6H14O2
Density 0.9(Water = 1)
CAS NO. 111-76-2
Ignition temperature 238℃
Vapor pressure 0.76 mmHg
Octanol-water partition coefficient 
(log Kow )
Melting point -75℃
Boiling point 170.8℃
Flash point 62℃
Explosion limit 1.1﹪~12.7﹪
Vapor Density 4.1(Air = 1)
Solubility miscible with water


Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Applications of BCS

  • Colorless liquid with a moderately strong odor of ether. Combustible with low toxicity. Soluble in approximately 20 times water and used as an organic solvent for ethanol, ethyl ether and mineral oil. Very high dilution ratio with petroleum hydrocarbons.

  • Solvent for nitro-cellulose resin.

  • Sprayed ceramic paint, fast-drying ceramic paint, varnish and enamel. Dry-cleaning synthesis, varnish remover, textile (preventing spots during printing or dyeing), mutual solvent for “soluble” mineral oil to keep soap in the solution and improve emulsification.

  • Pesticide dispersant, raw material of organic synthesis, fiber moisturizer, resin plasticizer, analytical reagent for iron and molybdenum.

  • The product is also referred to as anti-whitening water. When working under humid weather conditions, paint film whitens, and by using an adequate amount of nitro-magnetized water containing 10 ~15%thinner, the whitening disappears.