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Formula C6H10O
Density 0.95(Water = 1)g/mL
CAS NO. 108-94-1
Ignition temperature 420 ℃
Vapor pressure 4 mmHg @20℃
Octanol-water partition coefficient 
(log Kow )
Melting point -47 °C
Boiling point 157 °C
Flash point 44 ℃
Explosion limit 1.1% ~ 9.4%
Vapor Density 3.38
Solubility 2.3 g/100ml(Water)
Applications of Anone

  • Organic synthesis of adipic acid and Caprolactam (approximately 95%)

  • PVC and its co-polymer; methacrylic acid ester polymer

  • Wood coloring; paint remover, varnish; stain removal; metal de-greaser; glazing agent; leveling agent for dyed rayon and de-lustered rayon; as well as solvent for lubricant additive, cellulose, natural or synthetic resin, wax and grease