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Formula C7H8(C6H5CH3)
Density 0.8669 g/mL
CAS NO. 108-88-3
Ignition temperature 480℃
Vapor pressure 22 mmHg @20℃
Octanol-water partition coefficient 
(log Kow )
0.86(Water = 1)
Melting point -95 ℃
Boiling point 110.6 ℃
Flash point 4.4 ℃(Close cup)
Explosion limit 1.2 ﹪~7.1 ﹪
Vapor Density 3.1(Air = 1)
Solubility 54~58 mg/100 ml


Applications of Toluene

Additive for aerial fuel and octane number; benzene, phenol and caprolactam; solvent for coating, pigment, raw rubber, resin, most oils, rubber and fine organic ethylene powder; thinner and diluent for nitro-cellulose paint; solvent for adhesive of plastic toys and plane models; chemicals (benzoic acid, derivatives of phenylmethyl and phenyl acyl, as well as saccharin, portion, dye and spice); source of toluene diisocyanate (Ethyl Chloroformate resin); explosives; Toluene Sulfonate (detergent) and substance of scintillation counter.